Language -Regional accents and dialects

Regional accents and dialects

Regional Accents

All languages change over time and vary according to place and social setting. The way we speak is influenced by many factors — the roots of our elders, our social and educational background, our working environment, our friends and our own sense of identity. As we move across the country we experience the changing landscape and architecture. At the same time, we notice a gradual change in the sounds we hear — the accents and dialects that immediately conjure up a sense of the place to which they belong.

Regional accents are the accents you find in different parts of the country.

Attitudes to language variety

  • People tend to prefer celebrity voices when they lived more locally to them.
  • Certain English dialects have been viewed more positively than others. Many of us make assumptions based on the way people speak — judging certain dialects or accents as too posh, harsh, aggressive, unfriendly, ‘unintelligent’ or ‘common’. Unfortunately, many individuals have suffered as a result of this irrational prejudice.
  • No one dialect is better at communicating meaning than another. Some dialects and accents are seen to be more prestigious than others are more a reflection of judgements based on social, rather than linguistic, criteria.
  • We live in an increasingly standardised society and so the vocabulary, structure and sounds that define the speech of a particular region, should be and indeed are for many speakers, a source of great pride and an important expression of cultural identity.

This one was so short, I was so happy when I realised haha. I hope it was useful to you and please like if it was and comment anything I didn’t say. Have a nice day 🙂

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