Language – Graphology

Tiniest post ever, yay! Have fun with the baby revision!!


Layout and presentation can emphasise meaning.  Text and images can be placed next to each other in effective ways – this is called juxtaposition. If the text is broken up with borders or boxes then it’s designed to draw the reader’s attention to a particular section. It also makes the text seem more appealing. Colour and graphics have the same effect. It’s good to mention whether the layout fits in with the form. Sometimes texts adopt the conventions of different forms for effect.


Font is used to create different effects, and in any text the typeface has been chosen for a particular reason. The typeface can tell you the tone of the text. Bold, italics and underlining can be placed for emphasis on certain parts of the text to show it’s important. The use of upper and lower case letters can also be significant. Words can be capitalised to draw attention to them. Sometimes the typeface is all lower case, which can appear stylish, modern or experimental.


  • Graphics can be cartoons, illustrations, tables, photographs and diagrams.
  • Graphics can break up the layout of the text, making it more accessible and less formal.
  • They’re usually visual representations of the text, which helps to illustrate and develop its meaning.
  • They might have the simple function of making the meaning clearer. This is especially true of instructional texts which often use diagrams, and children’s texts, which might be illustrated to help a child learn to read.
  • They could also be used to set the tone of the piece.
  • Sometimes a graphic will be a deliberate contrast to the text.

Yay it’s over! So quickly too. Always best that way. I hope you like it, but please remember that this section needs more practice by analysing posters and advertisements than just reading, as it is a visual sort of topic. So, please keep that in mind. This is a good example (not mine) of an analysis.

Image result for analysed poster

So, that finishes it! Have a good evening!

Image result for funny rubbish


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