First Post – What it’s all about

Hello! This is my second blogging place, which I thought would be ideal for posting my revision tools from school. I’m not an A* student or even an A student, let alone straight A student, but I am (in my humble opinion) good at getting notes together. That’s how I revise. And I know that some people aren’t as good at getting all the millions of very important notes together into one single place, so I thought that I’d publish all my work here to help a little.

Like I said, this isn’t perfect, it’s just my personal revision notes. As such, they are tailored to my learning and school and subject board, which will be different from the majority (by which I mean all) of my readers and browsers. Also, this is a good way of safely storing them away so that if my laptop breaks (God forbid) I still have them!!

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If you have any of the same subjects and boards as me, this will be perfect and I hope you can use something here – if it’s a different board, then I hope there’s something you can take away or add in the comments. If you’re neither, then this will be a brilliant way of gaining some new knowledge with no pressure to memorise or looming tests. But, the comments are open for you to add your opinions, as all of my posts will have debatable and discussable points on that you can engage in if you so want to.

I am in the second year of sixth form, in England, so obviously these posts won’t apply to many people in terms of being any good to revise from (since it’s not what you need for your test). However, they will include my AS and A2 work, so if your from either year this could help you out at least a little. I hope it does!

So, here’s my subjects and boards to refer to:

  • Philosophy and Ethics – OCR
  • English Literature – Edexcel
  • English Language – AQA

Important note!! This year is 2016, Lit and Lang was changed, so this year is the new spec, which is my notes. So, these notes are relevant for the next few years until the spec is changed again, so do keep that in mind! However, this is Philosophy and Ethics last year before the spec is changed for the new school year, so some of these topics won’t be relevant to other people!

So yeah, have fun browsing my notes and remember to comment any notes or ideas of your own!

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